Tupla Cup 2018 champions


Check out the champions!

Tupla Cup 2018 is now behind us and we know the champions! Thanks to every participating team. See you in HFC 2019

C04 Challenge: AxiA
D06 Lower Challenge: SB-Pro
E07 Upper Challenge: Classic Red
(you can see every video by clicking the arrow in the post below!)

B (01-02) Challenge: Säbäkyyt
D05 Elite: FC Barracuda -06
D06 Upper Challenge: ÅIF

E07 Elite: Esport Oilers Lions
E07 Lower Challenge: Lempäälä Sport Black
C03 Challenge: RSS Panthers

C04 Elite: Pelimiehet
D05 Challenge: Tuomarilan Urheilijat

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Tupla Cup 2018 mestareita! 🏆 . C04 Kilpa: Pelimiehet D05 Haastaja: Tuomarilan Urheilijat . #tuplacup #arenacenter #salibandy #floorball

Henkilön Arena Center (@arenacenter) jakama julkaisu

F10 Challenge: M-Team
F09 Elite: Nokian KrP
F09 Challenge: Blackbirds
E08 Challenge: Classic

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9/7/16Registration is closed
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8/26/15 10:00 AMWe have continued the registration time

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